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Here at Artificial Style, we’re dedicated to providing absolute customer satisfaction. So, we’ve made an FAQ page to address most issues and doubts you may have with artificial grass. Read through the page and find out why we have an impeccable cut above the rest.

  1. What are the advantages of artificial grass?

    It cuts cost on your water bill, and eliminates stress brought by regular mowing. Having an artificial lawn is low maintenance and good for the environment.  Better yet, our artificial grass is made of highly durable material so it’s ideal for areas of heavy usage. With Artificial Style, you can have that perfect lawn or garden all year round!

  2. Why opt for artificial grass installation by Artificial Style?

    Not all synthetic grass systems or installations are the same. Artificial Style defines the difference with unmatched quality and service in the Dorset, Bournemouth, Hampshire, Poole, and surrounding areas. Our artificial lawns support a truly modern lifestyle – having a beautiful lawn while saving time and money. With Artificial Style, you can say goodbye to mowing, watering grass, adding fertiliser, and worrying about muddy dog paws in your house. We also recommend you have a substantial sub base beneath your artificial lawn so the area withstands the test of time, which we provide as standard.

  3. How much does artificial grass cost?

    There are a number of variables affecting the cost of installing artificial grass such as location, job size and groundwork required. Your best bet is asking for professional advice. Artificial grass usually costs more than natural grass at the outset. However, this excess is easily covered by the lifespan and the low maintenance costs of artificial turf.

  4. What maintenance is required?

    Almost none! Removing leaves and realigning the fibers can be easily done using a leaf rake or a garden broom on the artificial grass. Since the artificial grass is permeable, rain water will run through and clean it at the same time.

  5. Is artificial grass pet-friendly?

    Your pets should be fine since they’ll treat artificial grass just like any ordinary grass, except they can’t dig up the lawn anymore! Their urine can penetrate the artificial grass and drain through to the ground beneath. Their waste can be easily scooped and discarded while the remainder can be hosed off.  If your dogs are looking for kennel areas, we recommend using disinfectants which will help remove the smell and kill bacteria.

  6. Is artificial grass safe for children?

    Yes, especially because we can install an impact layer beneath the artificial grass that will provide cushion for knocks and bumps. Many schools have installed artificial grass.

  7. Will weeds grow on the artificial grass?

    The sand infill provides a hydroponic environment for the seeds to root, but the backing we use for the artificial grass is strong enough to prevent the roots from growing through to the soil. Weeds can easily be brushed away with a leaf rake.

  8. Can I grow trees and shrubs later on?

    Yes, artificial lawn is synonymous to easy landscaping. You can simply cut out a section of artificial grass to accommodate a new garden layout.

  9. Can I use a barbecue on top of artificial grass?

    Our artificial grass is fire retardant and a sand infill will also help reduce the risk of fire. However, we would recommend that you stand the BBQ on top of slabs or composite decking. If you have more questions, contact Artificial Style today via our contact form  and we’ll be happy to assist you.